Characteristics of significantly overexpressed genes of L. lactis IL1403 Nisr relative to L. lactis IL1403a

Gene(s)Avg regulation (n-fold)P value(Proposed) function
Cell wall related
    dltC in operon dltABCDb9.410−8d-Alanine incorporation
    pbp2Ab2.310−6Penicillin-binding protein 2 A
    galMKT in operon galMKTEb1.710−4Galactose pathway
Central and energy metabolism
    arcAC1C2TD2 in operon arcABDC1C2TDb4.010−7Arginine pathway
    ypbG next to ypcABCD2.310−6Sugar kinase
    nagA2.210−7N-Acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase
    butA2.010−8Putative acetoin reductase
    lnbA1.510−5Putative beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase
    galKMT in operon galMKTEb1.710−4Galactose pathway
    gidB1.610−7Putative glucose-inhibited division protein
    apI1.610−6Alkaline phosphatase
    glgD1.510−5Glycogen biosynthesis protein
Membrane biosynthesis
    IpiL1.910−4Lipoate-protein ligase A
Regulatory functions
    yecA2.110−5Transcriptional regulator
    rcfB1.910−8Transcriptional regulator
    kinD next to llrD1.910−7Histidine kinase
    llrD next to kinD1.710−5DNA-binding response regulator
Transport and binding proteins
    ysaBCD in operon ysaABCDb10.110−8Bacitracin resistance proteins
    ynhCD5.510−9Tellurite resistance protein
    glpF1b3.410−7Glycerol uptake facilitator
    yhcA in operon yhcACB3.410−4Putative ABC transporter
    yrjBC in operon yrjABCDEFGH1.910−7Transport permease
    ptcAb1.910−6Cellobiose PTS
    ypcAGHb1.810−8Sugar ABC transporter
    ynaCD in operon ynaABCDE1.610−4ABC transporter (homology to MDR Enterococcus faecalis)
    glpF2b1.510−5Glycerol uptake facilitator
Stress-related proteins
    ythBA in operon ythCBA6.810−8Phage shock protein
    dnaK2.110−6Heat shock protein
    grpE next to dnaK1.810−6Heat shock protein
    htrA1.610−4Serine protease
Miscellaneous and unknown proteins
    yneGH in putative operon yneBCDEGHb12.910−10ArsCD (pFam)
    yajH in operon yajFGH5.710−10Unknown
    ybfAC in operon ybfADEBC2.810−6Unknown
    yfhC in operon yfhABCGHI2.610−4Unknown
    yhjA in operon yhjABC2.310−5Unknown
    yvhB2.210−4Putative acyltransferase
    ymgGI1.910−4Hypothetical proteins
    ceo1.710−4N5-(1-carboxyethyl)-l-ornithine synthase
    pydAB1.710−6Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase
    ispB1.710−5Heptaprenyl diphosphate synthase
  • a Values represent higher (positive) expression in the L. lactis IL1403 Nisr strain than that in the L. lactis IL1403 strain.

  • b Genes further investigated or discussed.