Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or relevant characteristicsReference or source
P. aeruginosa
    PAO1Reference strain completely sequenced40
    PAΔDPAO1 ΔampD::loxThis work
    PAΔDh2PAO1 ΔampDh2::loxThis work
    PAΔDh3PAO1 ΔampDh3::loxThis work
    PAΔDDh2PAO1 ΔampD::lox ΔampDh2::loxThis work
    PAΔDDh3PAO1 ΔampD::lox ΔampDh3::loxThis work
    PAΔDh2Dh3PAO1 ΔampDh2::lox ΔampDh3::loxThis work
    PAΔDDh2Dh3PAO1 ΔampD::lox ΔampDh2::lox ΔampDh3::loxThis work
E. coli
    XL1-BlueF′::Tn10 proA+B+ lacIq Δ(lacZ)M15 recA1 endA1 gyrA96 (Nalr) thi hsdR17(rK mK) mcrB13
    S17-1RecA pro (RP4-2Tet::Mu Kan::Tn7)37
    pGEMTPCR cloning vectorPromega
    pUCP24Gmr; pUC18-based Escherichia-Pseudomonas shuttle vector42
    pUCPADGmr; pUCP24 containing PAO1 ampD gene18
    pUCPADEGmr; pUCP24 containing complete PAO1 ampDE operon18
    pUCPADh2Gmr; pUCP24 containing PAO1 ampDh2 geneThis work
    pUCPADh3Gmr; pUCP24 containing PAO1 ampDh3 geneThis work
    pEX100TlinkApr sacB; pUC19-based gene replacement vector with MCSa36
    pUCGmloxApr Gmr; pUC18-based vector containing lox-flanked aacC1 gene36
    pCM157Tcr; cre expression vector31
    pEXADGmpEX100Tlink containing 5′ and 3′ flanking sequence of ampD::GmloxThis work
    pEXADh2GmpEX100Tlink containing 5′ and 3′ flanking sequence of ampDh2::GmloxThis work
    PEXADh3GmpEX100Tlink containing 5′ and 3′ flanking sequence of ampDh3::GmloxThis work
  • a MCS, multiple cloning site.