Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant phenotype or genotypeSource or reference
L. lactis IL1403Plasmid-free laboratory strain8
L. lactis IL1403 NisrNisrThis work
L. lactis MG1363Derivative of L. lactis NCD071214
L. lactis MG1363ΔdltDDerivative of L. lactis13
MG1363 carrying a deletion in dltD
L. lactis MG1363ΔahrCDerivative of L. lactis34
MG1363 carrying a deletion in ahrC
L. lactis NZ9000L. lactis MG1363 pepN::nisRK31
L. lactis NZ9000ΔgalAMKDerivative of L. lactis NZ9000 carrying a deletion in galAMKR. A. Neves and W. A. Pool lab collection
pNZ8048Gene expression vector with nisin-inducible PnisA promoter, Cmr11
pJK1pNZ8048 derivative; yneGH controlled by PnisAThis work
pFaBpNZ8048 derivative; ysaB controlled by PnisAThis work
pFaBCpNZ8048 derivative; ysaBC controlled by PnisAThis work