Significantly down-regulated genes found in microarray expression analysis of L. lactis IL1403 and L. lactis IL1403 Nisra

Gene(s)Avg regulation (n-fold)P value(Proposed) function
Energy metabolism
    yeeAb−4.510−9Maltose hydrolase
    yedEFb−3.010−8β-Glucoside-specific PTS system
    gidA−1.610−5Glucose inhibited division protein
Membrane biosynthesis
    fabDG1G2Z1Z2b−1.510−5Fatty acid biosynthesis and substrate binding permease
Regulatory functions
    ybdA−1.510−4Putative transcriptional regulator
    glnR−1.510−9Glutamine synthetase repressor
    rmaG−1.510−7Putative transcriptional regulator
Transport and binding proteins
    yriC in operon yriDCBA−2.210−5Xanthine/uracil permeases
    glnP−2.110−7Glutamine ABC transporter
    xpt1.710−9Putative xanthine phosphoribosyltransferase
    potD1.610−8Putative ABC transporter
    pbuX−1.510−5Xanthine permease
    dacA−1.510−6Extracellular protein Exp2 precursor
    plpABCD−1.510−6Outer membrane lipoprotein precursors
Miscellaneous and unknown proteins
    ribAH in operon ribGBAH2.710−6Riboflavin biosynthesis protein
    rpsN−2.010−630S ribosomal protein
    aroH−1.810−7Tyr-sensitive phospho-2-dehydro-deoxyheptonate aldolase
    phnA−1.610−5Uncharacterized Zn-ribbon-containing protein involved in phosphonate metabolism
    ynbE−1.610−5Conserved hypothetical protein
  • a Values represent lower (negative) expression in the L. lactis IL1403 Nisr strain than that in the L. lactis IL1403 strain.

  • b Genes investigated or discussed.