Association between polymorphisms in the pfcrt marker and in vitro response to chloroquined

pfcrt mutationna% Sensitivity (95% CIb)% Specificity (95% CI)Pc
N/D75E3393.7 (69.8-99.8)41.2 (18.4-67.1)0.024
K76T33100.0 (79.4-100.0)11.7 (1.5-36.4)0.258
  • a Number of paired results.

  • b CI, confidence interval.

  • c probability (P) refers to the significance level of the two-tailed Fisher's exact test (P < 0.05).

  • d Association between the occurrence of pfcrt-76T and pfcrt-75E alleles and in vitro response to chloroquine in Cambodian isolates as determined by Fisher's exact test (P). Sensitivity and specificity of 76T and 75E allele mapping in detecting in vitro chloroquine resistance phenotype (IC50 >100 nm) were calculated from data presented in table 1.