Primers used in this study

Primer nameaSequence (5′ to 3′)PurposebNucleotidescGenBank accession no.
E. coli ampD
C. freundii ampD
P. aeruginosa ampD
C. freundii
  • a Primer names ending with F represent forward primers; those ending with R represent reverse primers.

  • b Purpose for the primers: A, amplification, cloning, and sequencing; R, real-time RT-PCR.

  • c Nucleotide location of each primer with respect to the GenBank accession number cited, listed 5′-3′.

  • d XIR1, XIR2, and XIR3 primers bind internal to the ampD gene and contain an in-frame stop codon.

  • e Primers used to amplify 16S rRNA from C. freundii as an endogenous control for real-time RT-PCR experiments.