JNJ-632 anti-HBV activity in genotype A- to D-infected PHHsa

Genotype (GenBank accession no.)EC50 (nM) for HBV DNA
Ae (AB246338.1)101
Bj (AB246341)240
C (AB246345.1)119
D (AB246347)200
  • a Primary human hepatocytes derived from naive chimeric mice were infected with genotype A to D clinical isolates in vitro. The anti-HBV activity of JNJ-632 was tested in a dose-response assay (n = 1 experiment for each genotype). HBV DNA was extracted from the cell culture supernatant, and DNA levels were assessed using qPCR. In each experiment, the 50% effective concentrations (EC50s) were determined on the basis of the mean inhibition from 2 wells per compound concentration.