Processivity of HIV-1 wild type and mutant RT enzymes

HIV-1 RTProcessivity with poly(rA)-oligo(dT)15 templateProcessivity with HIV RNA template (%)c
Median length extendedaPeak length extendedb
0.5 μM dTTP0.05 μM dTTP0.5 μM dTTP0.05 μM dTTP
Wild type50304020100
  • a Median length extended (in nucleotides) measured as the median length of extension products determined from regression analysis of band intensity measured by using 10-nt intervals.

  • b Peak of the percentage of products generated versus length of product (in nucleotides) measured by using 10-nt intervals.

  • c Percentage of full-length cDNA in the presence of a quenching reagent/total activity without a quenching reagent normalized to the value for the wild type (WT), which was set at 100%.