Clinical characteristics of patients with CR-Kp bacteremia treated with ceftazidime-avibactam

Agea (sex)Underlying diseaseaKPC variantC-A MIC (μg/ml)Creatinine clearance (ml/min)bSource of bacteremiaTreatment regimen (days duration)Clinical outcome at 30 daysClinical outcome at 90 days
47 (M)Renal transplantationKPC-2164UrineC-A (16)Clinical successAlive
68 (F)Stem cell transplantationKPC-20.525UrineC-A (19) plus gentamicin (5)Clinical successAlive
75 (F)Seizure disorder, chronic PEG/trachKPC-20.2547UrineC-A (13) plus gentamicin (4)Clinical successAlive
33 (M)Paraplegia s/p hemorrhagic strokeKPC-20.5>120Central venous catheterC-A (8) plus gentamicin (3)Clinical successAlive
79 (M)Trauma leading to splenectomyKPC-3146RespiratoryC-A (13)Recurrent pneumonia and deathDead
60 (F)Double lung transplantationKPC-31iHDCentral venous catheterC-A (24)Clinical successAlive
67 (M)Short-gut syndromeKPC-3251AbdominalC-A (4) plus gentamicin (7)Clinical successAlive
91 (F)DementiaKPC-2148UrineC-A (7) followed by doripenem and gentamicin (7)cClinical successAlive
66 (M)Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseaseKPC-21>120RespiratoryC-A (14)Recurrent bacteremia and survivedAlive
68 (F)Intracranial hemorrhageKPC-2156UrineC-A (21)Clinical successAlive
65 (F)SchizophreniaKPC-2114AbdominalC-A (15)Clinical successRecurrent bacteremia and survived
52 (M)Renal and pancreas transplantationKPC-32iHDCentral venous catheterC-A (13) plus gentamicin (3)Clinical successAlive
32 (M)Intravenous drug userKPC-20.563RespiratoryC-A (13)Clinical successAlive
  • a F, female; iHD, intermittent hemodialysis; M, male; PEG, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; s/p, status post.

  • b All ceftazidime-avibactam doses were adjusted according to manufacturer recommendations.

  • c Patient was treated successfully with C-A for 7 days but switched to doripenem plus gentamicin on discharge due to an ongoing national shortage of C-A.