Genes that are differentially expressed in fluconazole-resistant C. albicans

Role and gene nameAccession no.FunctionMean fold change in gene expression ± SD
Amino acid metabolism
    LYS21Z74230Lysine biosynthesis3.15 ± 1.25a
    MET3AF164103Methionine biosynthesis (ATP sulfurylase)−6.65 ± 2.899
Carbohydrate metabolism
    MDH1J02841Malate dehydrogenase3.525 ± 0.225a
    ALD5U56605Mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase−3.825 ± 0.459a
Cell stress
    IFD5U43281Alcohol dehydrogenase (lignocellulose degradation)12.45 ± 0.309a
    CRD2AF268099Copper-binding metallothionein4.6 ± 0.0
    GPX1Z50123Glutathione peroxidase (oxidative stress response)2.85 ± 0.212
Cell wall maintenance
    CWH8AL033502Involved in mannoprotein layer generation3.6 ± 0.707
    GPI1Z73001Glucosaminyl-phosphatidylinositol anchoring−3.0 ± 1.838
Lipid, fatty acid, and sterol metabolism
    ERG2M74037Ergosterol biosynthesis2.65 ± 1.626
Small molecule transport
    CDR1X77589ABC transporter in drug resistance3.67 ± 0.197a
    MIR1M54879Mitochondrial phosphate transporter2.85 ± 0.778
    FTR2AF195776High-affinity iron permease−5.9 ± 4.243
    FET34Y09329Multicopper oxidase−9.4 ± 2.939a
    RTA3Z74757Unknown5.05 ± 2.192
  • a The standard error was used due to the presence of multiple spots on each array for the gene in question.