Population parameters for the base model of mefloquine's carboxylic acid metabolitea

Estimated value (SE)90% Prediction interval
ka (day−1)0.304 (0.030)0.275-0.335
Ac642.1 (42.5)398.5-1,034.6
ke (day−1)0.032 (0.004)0.013-0.079
Elimination t1/2 (days)21.6
AUC0→ (ng/ml · day)61,047
σka (CV) (%)6
σA (CV) (%)29
σke (CV) (%)55
σε (ng/ml)223.4
  • a Data represent results for 50 patients and 201 concentrations (AIC = 2921).

  • b ka, absorption rate constant; ke, elimination rate constant; t1/2, elimination half-life; AUC0→∞, area under the whole-blood concentration-time curve; $$mathtex$$\({\sigma}^{2}_{\mathit{k}_{\mathit{a}}}\)$$mathtex$$, unexplained between-subject variance around population average ka; $$mathtex$$\({\sigma}^{2}_{\mathit{k}_{\mathit{e}}}\)$$mathtex$$, unexplained between subject variance around population average ke; σ2A, unexplained between-subject variance around the population average A; σ2ε, variance of residual error.

  • c Results represent calculations based on the model $$mathtex$$\(\frac{\mathit{A}}{(1{-}\frac{\mathit{k}_{\mathit{e}}}{\mathit{k}_{\mathit{a}}})}{\times}[\mathit{exp}({-}\mathit{k}_{\mathit{e}}\mathit{t})\ {-}\ exp({-}\mathit{k}_{\mathit{a}}\mathit{t})]\)$$mathtex$$.