Summary of interactions based on mouse survival results with POS and CSP combinations against Aspergillus strainsa

StrainNo. of combinations (%)
Total testedMore effective than most active monotherapybSimilar to most active monotherapybLess effective than most active monotherapyb
A. fumigatus ND1589090
A. fumigatus ND2319270
A. flavus ND839360
Total275 (18.5)22 (81.5)0
  • a Treatment occurred once daily starting at 4 h postinfection through day 7 for A. fumigatus ND158 and ND231 and day 3 for A. flavus ND83. The interactions are based on statistical analysis of survival curves through day 14 or 15 postinfection, using three dose levels of each drug alone and in all possible combinations (data from two experiments were pooled for strains ND158 and ND83 and from three experiments were pooled for ND231).

  • b “More effective” or “less effective” means the survival curves for the combinations were significantly different from those for the most active monotherapy at the dose level used in the combination (P < 0.05). “Similar” means the survival curves for the combinations and the most active monotherapy were not significantly different (P > 0.05).