In vitro interaction between POS and CSP against Aspergillus strains

StrainaMIC (μg/ml)bPOS-CSP FICInterpretationCSP MEC (μg/ml)c
POSCSPPOS, CSP (in combination)
A. fumigatus ND1580.03320.016, 10.53Indifferent0.03
0.03320.008, 0.50.27Synergy
0.031280.016, 320.75Indifferent
A. fumigatus ND2310.125640.016, 40.19Synergy0.03
0.125640.008, 320.56Indifferent
A. flavus ND830.06320.03, 20.56Indifferent0.06
0.06320.03, 10.53Indifferent
  • a Checkerboard assays were repeated at least twice (three times for ND158) on different days, and the results for each replicate are shown.

  • b MICs were determined using CLSI methodology M38-A (10).

  • c MECs were determined as described by Arikan et al. (4).