Susceptibilities of 94 clinical strains of C. neoformans to fluconazole, amphotericin B, and flucytosine determined by CLSI methodology and Etesta

Minimum MIC (μg/ml)0.120.0150.030.0020.120.03
Maximum MIC (μg/ml)425620.256464
Geometric mean MIC (μg/ml)
MIC50 (μg/ml)180.250.0620.5
MIC90 (μg/ml)26410.12584
  • a Etest was performed on RPMI medium for fluconazole and amphotericin B and on semisynthetic medium for flucytosine. Etest MICs between twofold dilutions were converted to the next higher concentration. AMB, amphotericin B; FCZ, fluconazole; 5FC, flucytosine.

  • b Fluconazole MICs were lower with the CLSI methodology than with Etest on RPMI medium (P < 0.001), and amphotericin B MICs obtained with the CLSI technique were higher than those obtained with Etest on RPMI medium (P < 0.001).