Characteristics of the clinical strains included in this study

StrainGeographical originGeneDistance separating CR1 from the resistance gene (bp)Antibiotic resistanceaSource or reference
E. coli LoBicêtre, FranceqnrA98Quinolone5
K. pneumoniae K149Melbourne, AustraliaqnrA31QuinoloneThis study
E. coli B36Madrid, SpainblaCTX-M-994ESBLThis study
K. pneumoniae KP40CMadrid, SpainblaCTX-M-994ESBL2
E. coli JABBicêtre, FranceblaCTX-M-2266ESBL4
A. baumannii AYEBicêtre, FrancedfrA10149TMP7
  • a ESBL, extended-spectrum β-lactamase; TMP, trimethoprim.