Mutations detected among INHr and INHs isolates

MutationaNo. of isolatesMutationaNo. of isolates
katG mutations        −46 g→A141125
    123-128-?b22        −46 ΔG11
    R128P (cgg→cCg)11        −39 c→T44
    N138H (aac→Cac)11        −30 c→T11
    N138D (aac→Gac)22        −15 c→T11
    N138S (aac→aGc)11        −12 c→T22
    A172T (gcg→Acg)22        −10 c→A22
    S315R (agc→agG)11        −10 c→G22
    S315T (agc→aCc)184184        −10 c→T77
    S315N (agc→aAc)99        −9 g→A213
    S315I (agc→aTc)66        −9 g→?b22
    S315T (agc→aCA)2121        −8 a→?b11
    G316D (ggc→gAc)11        −6 g→A44
    G316S (ggc→Agc)22        −4::T33
    W321G (tgg→Ggg)11    ORF mutations
    L336P (ctg→cGg)11        T5I (acc→aTc)11
    R515C (cgc→Tgc)11        D73H (gac→Cac)7613
    L587P (ctg→cCg)11    Total541973
    D735A (gac→gCc)11
    Total2353238inhA mutations
    Promoter mutationsd
kasA mutations        −17 g→T314
    D66N (gat→Aat)112        −15 c→T3131
    G269S (ggt→Agt)3687123        −8 t→A33
    G312S (ggc→Agc)71219        −8 t→C11
    Total44100144    ORF mutations
        I21V (atc→Gtc)11
ndh mutations        I21T (atc→aCc)22
    V18A (gtg→gCg)121628        I47T (att→aCt)11
    R268H (cgc→cAc)22        S94A (tcg→Gcg)55
    Total141630        I194T (atc→aCc)213
oxyR-ahpC mutations
    Promoter mutationscAll mutations395141536
        −67 g→A11
  • a The mutant codon is indicated, followed by the nucleotide change, shown in capital letters. When the mutation occurs in an intergenic region, the nucleotide change is indicated relative to the start site of the following ORF.

  • b Sequences that were confirmed to be mutants by a molecular beacon assay but whose exact mutation is not known because sequencing results were inconclusive or DNA was unavailable for sequencing.

  • c Positions in the ahpC promoter are situated relative to the transcriptional start residue.

  • d Positions in the inhA promoter are situated relative to the start of the mabA ORF (mabA is the first gene in the mabA-inhA operon).