MIC and FICI results for the Aspergillus spp. at 24 h

Aspergillus sp. (n) and strainEnd pointConcna (μg/ml) ofd:FICIResultb
CAS (alone)ITZ (alone)CAS (alone)ITZ (alone)
A. fumigatus (13)
A. niger (6)
A. flavus (6)
A. terreus (6)
  • a MIC at 24 h or MEC at 24 h observed by microscopy.

  • b S, synergistic; Ad, additive; I, indifferent.

  • c The off-scale MIC of >128 μg/ml was converted to the next highest concentration, 256 μg/ml, for FICI calculation.

  • d CAS, caspofungin; ITZ, itraconazole.

  • e American Type Culture Collection.