ORFs, including blaKPC-2, of the 5.2-kb HindIII fragment of plasmid pST4707

ORFLength (no. of amino acids)PositionG + C content (%)BLASTP scores (% identity-% similarity)GenBank accession no.Remarks
orf1 4221-126960.51833 (83-89) T28654 Transposase from P. putida
orf2 3411376-240163.6829 (55-68) AAL47163 Putative transposase from R. solanacearum
orf3 2592398-317761.9931 (72-85) AAL47164 Putative transposition helper protein from R. solanacearum
bla KPC-2 2933564-444561.7Identical AY034847 Class A carbapenemase KPC-2
orf4 1775228-496461.2259 (35-52) AAL50017 Putative transposase from Ralstonia metalidurans