Pharmacokinetics of daptomycin and rifampin in the rat

AntibioticDose (mg/kg) routeSpeciesCmaxcTmaxd (h)AUC0-24et1/2f
Daptomycin25, s.c.Rat63.62278.41.6
Daptomycin40, s.c.Rat90.92605.42.9
Daptomycin4, i.v.aHumanb57.80.5493.58.2
Daptomycin6, i.v.aHuman98.60.5747.48.9
Rifampin25, i.m.Rat15.62258.89.5
  • a Administered as a 30-min-infusion.

  • b The following data come from a single- and multiple-dose proportionality study with healthy human subjects. The values shown are the mean values at steady state (day 7 of q-24 h administration).

  • c C max, maximum drug concentration in serum.

  • d T max, time required to reach Cmax.

  • e AUC0-24, area under the concentration-time curve from 0 to 24 h.

  • f t 1/2; half-life.