Strains of S. aureus antibiotic resistance, and origins

S. aureus strainAntibiotic resistancea and capsule typeMIC (μg/ml)Origin or reference
MBT 5040bMRSA, streptomycin resistant0.0043.2Fresh clinical isolate obtained from WRAMCc
MBT 5040 LysoRLysostaphin resistant (reverted to methicillin sensitivity phenotype [9])>323.2Isolated in vitro
NewmanMSSA0.004NDd 25
ATCC 49521MSSA, capsule type 50.0160.4Direct from ATCC
ATCC 12605MSSA, capsule type 80.0320.2Direct from ATCC
SA5-strRStreptomycin resistant0.0040.2Isolated in vitro
SA 3865 MupRMupirocin resistante0.004ND 34
MRSA 12/12bMRSA0.002NDFresh clinical isolate obtained from WRAMC
  • a Confirmed by disk diffusion assay (36).

  • b Identity confirmed by API STAPH identification system (bioMerieux).

  • c WRAMC, Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

  • d ND, not determined.

  • e Mupirocin MIC of >500 μg/ml as reported in reference 34. Mupirocin is not commercially available in pure form for MIC testing of other strains, but MICs for mupirocin-sensitive strains are defined as being <8 μg/ml (34).