Relevant characteristics of the “pediatric MRSA” strains included in this studya

Strainb codeOrigincYr(s) of isolationmec complexccrAB allotypeSCCmec typespa typing resultSequence type (MLST)
Sequenced repeatEgenomicse typeRidomf type
HDE1Lisbon, Pt.1992B4VITJMBDMGMK45t3115
HDE5Lisbon, Pt.1992B4VI
HDE65Lisbon, Pt.1993-1994B4VITJMBDMGMK45t311
HDE71Lisbon, Pt.1993-1994B4VI
HDE91Lisbon, Pt.1993-1994B4VI
HDE163Lisbon, Pt.1995B4VITJMBDMGMK45t311
HDE174Lisbon, Pt.1995B4VI
HDE232Lisbon, Pt.1995B4VI
HDE255Lisbon, Pt.1995B4VI
HDE266Lisbon, Pt.1995B4VITJMBDMGMK45t311
HDE287Lisbon, Pt.1996B4VI
HDE288Lisbon, Pt.1996B4VITJMBDMGMK45t3115
HDE362Lisbon, Pt.1996B4VI
HDE373Lisbon, Pt.1997B4VI
HDE383Lisbon, Pt.1997B4VITJMBDMGMK45t311
HPV17Lisbon, Pt.1992-1993B4VITJMBDMGMK45t3115
HPV99Lisbon, Pt.1992-1993B4VITJMBDMGMK45t311
IPO92Lisbon, Pt.2001B4VITJMBDMGMK45t3115
HUC136Coimbra, Pt.1995B4VITJMBDMGMK45t3115
VNG17Vila Nova de Gaia, Pt.1992-1993B2IVTJMBDMGMK45t311
FFP311Oporto, Pt.1996B2IVTJMBDMGMK45t3115
RJP17Oporto, Pt.1992-1993B2IVTJMBDMGMK45t311
HSA74Oporto, Pt.1993B2IVTJMBMDMGMK2t002
COB5Bogotá, Cob.1997B2IV
CLB1Bogotá, Cob.1996B2IVTJMBMDMGMK2t002
COB3Bogotá, Cob.1996B2IVTMDMGMK47t0455
COB35Bogotá, Cob.1997B2IV
COB43Bogotá, Cob.1997B2IV
COB62Bogotá, Cob.1997B2IV
COB96Bogotá, Cob.1998B2IV
COB109Bogotá, Cob.1998B2IV
ARG9Buenos Aires, Arg.1996B2IV
ARG299La Plata, Arg.1996B2IV
ARG164Buenos Aires, Arg.1994-1996B2IVTJMBMDMGMK2t002
BM18New York, NY1989B2IVTJMBMDMGMK2t0025
BM26New York, NY1989B2IVTJMBMDMGMK2t002
  • a All strains have been previously assigned to the “pediatric MRSA clone” based on PFGE patterns, ClaI::mecA patterns, and ClaI::Tn554 insertion patterns (19).

  • b Strain letter codes reflect strain origins (hospital or country) as follows: HDE, Hospital Dona Estefânia, Lisbon, Portugal; HPV, Hospital Pulido Valente, Lisbon, Portugal; IPO, Instituto Português de Oncologia, Lisbon, Portugal; HUC, Hospital da Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal; VNG, Hospital de Vila Nova de Gaia, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal; FFP, Faculdade de Farmácia do Porto, Oporto, Portugal; RJP, Instituto Dr. Ricardo Jorge, Oporto, Portugal; HSA, Hospital de Santo António, Oporto, Portugal; COB or CLB, Colombia; ARG, Argentina; BM, New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens, New York, NY.

  • c Country names are abbreviated as follows: Pt., Portugal, Cob., Colombia; Arg., Argentina.

  • d spa sequence repeats are given according to the nomenclature proposed by B. N. Kreiswirth and colleagues (20).

  • e spa types assigned by Egenomics software (B. Kreiswirth and S. Naidich, personal communication).

  • f spa types assigned by Ridom software (5).