Genes overexpressed at least 1.5-fold in different S. aureus strains after treatment with super-MICs of cell wall inhibitors

N315 ORFGeneProduct or putative functionFold change (reference)a
COL (2× MIC of oxacillin) (present study)JH1 (8× MIC of vancomycin) (16)N315 (10× MIC of vancomycin) (14)RN450 (super-MICs of oxacillin, bacitracin, and d-cycloserine) (31)
SA1712bConserved hypothetical protein4.64Up4.73Up
SA2221bConserved hypothetical protein4.199.55.376.2-18.7
SA2113bConserved hypothetical protein3.9010.42.65
SA1659b prsA Parvuli-like peptidyl-prolyl isomerase3.80125.742.7-7.7
SA1701b vraR Two-component response regulator3.738.75.18Up
SA1700b vraS Two-component sensor histidine kinase3.758.77.41
SA2103bSimilar to lyt divergon expression attenuator LytR3.543.44.064.6-14
SA0914bSimilar to chitinase B3.3910.61.944.9-7.6
SA1702b yvqF Conserved hypothetical protein2.918.17.273.4-7.8
SA0591Conserved hypothetical protein2.82UpUp
SA1549b htrA Heat shock protein homolog, similar to serine protease HtrA2.676.83.624.2-11
SA1255bPTS system, glucose-specific enzyme II, A component2.662.955.1-9.2
SA1253b ctpA Carboxyl-terminal processing proteinase2.602.64
SA1195 msrR Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase regulator MsrR2.564.82.5-4.3
SA1283b pbpB Penicillin binding protein 22.421.872.8-4.9
SA2220bGlycerate kinase2.36Up3.339.2-16.5
SA2146b tcaA TcaA protein2.324.12.40Up
SA2481Conserved hypothetical protein2.223.42.6-5.7
SA2296bHypothetical protein, similar to transcriptional regulator MerR2.17Up3.87
SA0824Conserved hypothetical protein2.175.8
SA2343bHypothetical protein2.09Up6.55Up
SA1925Conserved hypothetical protein2.003.2
SA1703bHypothetical protein1.996.57.27Up
SA0826 spsB Type 1 signal peptidase 1B1.814.7Up
SA0222 coa Staphylococcal coagulase precursor1.743.17
SA1691b mgtB Monofunctional glycosyltransferase1.6910.65.645.2-10.9
SA1926b murZ UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase1.635.42.523.1-8.9
SA1711bHypothetical protein, similar to DNA damage-inducible protein P1.563.07
SA2297bHypothetical protein, similar to GTP-pyrophosphokinase1.58.63.852.6-4.0
  • a Fold change refers to expression increases for up-regulated genes. Up, upregulated, numerical value not provided.

  • b Member genes of the S. aureus VraSR regulon.