Description of patient data used in the pharmacokinetic analysis of arbekacina

No. of subjects403
Age (yr) (mean ± SD) [range]61.5 ± 19.1 [8-95]
WT (kg) (mean ± SD) [range]54.4 ± 12.7 [10.8-107]
Creatinine clearance (ml/min) (mean ± SD) [range]88.4 ± 60.5 (52)b [2-458]
Serum creatinine level (mg/100 ml) (mean ± SD) [range]1.05 ± 1.29 (385)c [0.2-11.5]
Healthy male volunteers28
Renally impaired volunteers22
Patients with pneumonia235d
Septicemic patients60d
Patients with other infectious
No. of serum samples1,581
No. of samples/subject (in repetitive dosing) (mean ± SD) [range]3.9 ± 4.4 [1-32]
  • a All patients and volunteers were Japanese.

  • b Number of actual CLCR measurements.

  • c Number of patients whose laboratory test data were available.

  • d Ten patients suffered from both pneumonia and septicemia.