Ranges of caspofungin IC50 and IC80s for eight isolates each of Candida spp. and A. fumigatus determined in six different media and with two or three different starting fungus concentrationsa.

IsolateRange IC50 (μg/ml)No. of dilnsbMode IC50 (μg/ml)Range IC80 (μg/ml)No. of dilnsMode IC80 (μg/ml)
C. krusei ATCC 62580.016-
C. parapsilosis ATCC 220190.25-2.030.500.25->1670.50
C. albicans B59630≤0.032-0.5050.063≤0.032->16110.063
C. albicans J9905780.063->1690.250.25->1670.25
C. albicans NR20.25-4.040.500.5->1660.50
C. albicans NR31.0-8.034.02->1642.0
C. albicans T252.0->1644.02->1644.0
C. glabrata J9812160.063-
A. fumigatus J9806590.063->1660.50
A. fumigatus J9805610.063-0.5030.250.13-2.040.25
A. fumigatus J970398≤0.032->16110.130.13->1680.25
A. fumigatus J9703770.063->167>16
A. fumigatus J9601800.016-0.2540.016≤0.032-1.060.25
A. fumigatus J9603300.13-0.5020.130.13->1680.25
A. fumigatus J940362≤0.032->1680.25
A. fumigatus J9311990.063->1690.130.25->1670.25
  • a See Table 1.

  • b No. of dilns, number of twofold dilutions between extremes of range.