IC50s and IC80s of caspofungin for 22 fungal isolates in AM3 medium from three different suppliersa

IsolateAM3 from DifcoAM3 from OxoidAM3 from VWR
48 h72 h48 h72 h48 h72 h
IC50 (μg/ml)IC80 (μg/ml)IC50 (μg/ml)IC80 (μg/ml)IC50 (μg/ml)IC80 (μg/ml)IC50 (μg/ml)IC80 (μg/ml)IC50 (μg/ml)IC80 (μg/ml)IC50 (μg/ml)IC80 (μg/ml)
C. albicans B596300.50.5110.51110.50.50.51
C. albicans J9813090.
C. albicans J9813640.
C. albicans J9813710.5>
C. albicans J9905780.5>16110.50.5121111
C. albicans NR2242422444828
C. albicans NR344482444244>16
C. albicans T25888844444888
C. albicans T26884844144848
C. albicans T28>16>16220.
C. albicans T32>16>161111110.50.511
C. glabrata J9812160.50.50.510.50.5110.50.522
C. krusei ATCC 62580.50.50.510.51111111
C. parapsilosis ATCC 22019111111121111
A. fumigatus J9311990.581814121418
A. fumigatus J940362121424181244
A. fumigatus J9601800.541811120.582>16
A. fumigatus J9603300.58120.51141111
A. fumigatus J9703771161>161>161>161216>16
A. fumigatus J9703980.511111120.5111
A. fumigatus J9805610.520.5111121111
A. fumigatus J980659/31>161>160.5>161>16111>16
  • a The endpoints were read after 48 and 72 h of incubation.