Distribution of Acinetobacter sp. PCR ESI-MS clone types isolated at the WRAMCa

European typePCR ESI-MS typeNo. of isolatesHospital location(s)Time course
I15b4SICU, MICU, ICU step-downMay 2003-August 2004
I161ONPJuly 2004
I462MICU, ONPApril 2003-May 2003
II11MICUOctober 2003
II109SICU, ONP, surgery, ICU step-down, internal medicine, ERAugust 2003-February 2005
II1115SICU, MICU, ONPMay 2003-November 2004
II12b4SICU, MICU, internal medicineAugust 2004-December 2004
III14b16SICU, MICU, ONP, surgery, ICU step-downMay 2003-December 2004
§36SICU, MICU, ONPJuly 2003-February 2005
§91MICUOctober 2004
§2411SICU, MICU, ONPJune 2004-February 2005
§391MICUSeptember 2003
§471SICUJanuary 2004
§481SICUApril 2004
§Acinetobacter genome sp. 31ERAugust 2003
§A. johnsonii1ERJanuary 2004
  • a All isolates are A. baumannii except Acinetobacter genome sp. 3 and A. johnsonii. §, Isolates not related to European strains. SICU, surgical intensive care unit; MICU, medical intensive care unit; ONP, orthopedics/neurology/physical medicine and rehabilitation; ER, emergency room.

  • b Exact matches to European reference strains.