Mortality associated with MDR A. baumannii infections in nonmilitary personnela

IsolateAge (yr)Underlying condition(s)Hospital day of deathAttributable mortality
AB00171Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease27Ventilator-associated pneumonia
AB00235Renal transplant44Pneumonia and lung abscess
AB02985Abdominal aortic aneurysm88Ventilator-associated pneumonia
AB05272Congestive heart failure, chronic renal failure45Pneumonia and sepsis
AB05676Dementia93Anoxic brain injury and bacteremia
  • a The sixth death was a 21-year-old active duty soldier admitted due to a severe trauma blast. This patient died on hospital day 17 due to a pulmonary embolus. He previously had A. baumannii bacteremia (AB017) during his hospital course. All isolates except for AB029 were bloodstream infections and were acquired in the hospital.