Laboratory strains and plasmids used in the study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference
    AG100Wild-type E. coli K-12 strain 8
    AG112MarR mutant of AG100; 5-bp deletion (from positions 1481 to 1485) 25
    AG100AAG100 ΔacrAB 27
    AG100BAG100 acrR::Kan mutant 27
    DJ901 E. coli GC4468 soxRSΔ901::Tn10Kan 9, 10
    JTG1078GC4468 soxR105 zjc-2204::Tn10kan 10
    KP3 K. pneumoniae, fluoroquinolone-susceptible isolate from Bacteriology Department, NEMCaThis study
    pSHA2Tellurite resistance determinant with OmpK36 Klebsiella porin in pACYC184 20
    pTS003Tellr Chlr in pACYC184bThis study
    pTS003acrRpTS003 with K. pneumoniae acrRThis study
  • a NEMC, New England Medical Center, Boston, Mass.

  • b Tellr, potassium tellurite resistance determinant.