Genes commonly regulated by the drug treatments

ORFGene nameDescriptionFunctional classa
Induced by isoniazid, thiolactomycin, and triclosan
    Rv0040c mtc28 Secreted proline-rich protein3
    Rv1987Possible chitinase3
    Rv3354Conserved hypothetical protein10
Downregulated by isoniazid, thiolactomycin, and triclosan
    Rv0352 dnaJ1 Probable chaperone protein0
    Rv0790cHypothetical protein8
    Rv0823cPossible transcriptional regulatory protein9
    Rv0824c desA1 Probable acyl-[ACP] desaturase1
    Rv1094 desA2 Possible acyl-[ACP] desaturase1
    Rv2840cConserved hypothetical protein10
Induced by isoniazid and thiolactomycin
    Rv0179c lprO Possible lipoprotein3
    Rv0207cConserved hypothetical protein10
    Rv0312Conserved hypothetical proline- and threonine-rich protein10
    Rv0342 iniA Isoniazid-inducible gene protein3
    Rv0359Probable conserved integral membrane protein3
    Rv0569Conserved hypothetical protein10
    Rv0951 sucC Probable succinyl coenzyme A synthetase (beta chain)7
    Rv1592cConserved hypothetical protein10
    Rv1736c narX Probable nitrate reductase7
    Rv2007c fdxA Probable ferredoxin7
    Rv2193 ctaE Probable cytochrome c oxidase (subunit III)7
    Rv2243 fabD Malonyl coenzyme A-acyl carrier protein transacylase1
    Rv2244 acpM Meromycolate extension acyl carrier protein1
    Rv2245 kasA β-Ketoacyl-[ACP] synthase 11
    Rv2246 kasB β-Ketoacyl-[ACP] synthase 21
    Rv2428 ahpC Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase C0
    Rv2721cPossible conserved transmembrane alanine- and glycine-rich protein3
    Rv2846c efpA Possible integral membrane efflux protein3
    Rv3134cConserved hypothetical protein10
    Rv3456c rplQ Probable 50S ribosomal protein L172
    Rv3524Probable conserved membrane protein3
  • a Functional classes are listed in Table 1.