Silent mutations and amino acid substitutions found in TEM-91 compared with TEM-1A and TEM-1B

β-LactamaseCodon (amino acid substitution, position) containing a mutation at positiona:
TEM-91ATG (M, 3)TTC (F, 8)GGT (G, 78)GCG (A, 134)TGT (C, 164)ACG (T, 182)AAG (K, 240)
TEM-1AATG (M, 3)TTC (F, 8)GGC (G, 78)GCG (A, 134)CGT (R, 164)ATG (M, 182)GAG (E, 240)
TEM-1BATG (M, 3)TTT (F, 8)GGT (G, 78)GCT (A, 134)CGT (R, 164)ATG (M, 182)GAG (E, 240)
  • a Standard numbering schemes for class A β-lactamases by Ambler et al. (1) and Leflon-Guibout et al. (16). Boldface nucleic acids are the mutation.