PFGE types (SmaI) of nine staphylococcal isolates, with or without the qacJ gene, recovered from four horses on three different equine operations

OperationHorseIsolateSpeciesqacJPFGE type
1A120-rS. aureus+SA-1aa
119-rS. intermedius+SI-1
1B140-rS. aureus+SA-1b
140-sS. aureusSA-1b
139-rS. intermedius+SI-2ab
139-sS. intermediusSI-2b
138-rS. simulans+SS-1
2C538-rS. aureus+SA-2
3D184-rS. aureus+SA-1b
  • a Closely related to SA-1b (three-fragment difference).

  • b Closely related to SI-2b (two-fragment difference).