Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
pAP29.3-kb A. pyogenes plasmid, erm(X), tetA(33)This work
pBC KS3.4-kb, ColE1 origin, CmrStratagene
pEP23.1-kb derivative of pNG2, Kmr, replicates in A. pyogenes15
pJGS392pBC KS HindIII Ω 3.2-kb HindIII fragment of pAP2 carrying erm(X), Cmr EmrThis work
pJGS406pEP2 SalI-BamHI Ω 2.8-kb SalI-BamHI fragment of pJGS392 carrying erm(X), Emr KmrThis work
pJGS446pBC KS SacI Ω 8.4-kb SacI fragment of pAP2, Cmr TcrThis work
pJGS551pBC KS HindIII Ω 6.2-kb HindIII fragment of pAP2, Cmr TcrThis work
pNG215.1-kb C. diphtheriae plasmid, erm(X), replicates in A. pyogenes19