Comparison of daptomycin E test and NCCLS broth microdilution MICs according to the Mueller-Hinton agar test medium and E-test formulation tested

M-H agaraE-test format (n)bNo. with resultf:% EAc
BDdDapto only (40)2020100
BDdDapto + Ca (40)1028275.6
RemeleDapto only (40)0017230
RemeleDapto + Ca (40)2211795.1
  • a M-H, Mueller-Hinton.

  • b n, no. tested. Dapto, daptomycin.

  • c EA, essential agreement or percentage of MICs ± one log2 dilution of the reference MIC.

  • d Calcium content was 24 μg/ml. BD, Becton Dickinson.

  • e Calcium content was 8 or 9μ g/ml, depending upon the agar lot used.

  • f E-test MIC compared to reference MIC.