MEC values for germinated and nongerminated Aspergillus conidia

Species (no. of strains)Conidial stateMedian (range) MEC (μg/ml)
A. fumigatus (11)Nongerminated1 (0.5-1)0.06 (0.06-0.12)0.03 (0.015-0.03)
Germinated1 (1-1)0.25 (0.12-0.25)0.12 (0.12-0.25)
    Log2 of ratiob0 (0-1)1 (1-2)c2 (2-3)c
A. terreus (8)Nongerminated0.5 (0.5-1)0.12 (0.06-0.12)0.03 (0.015-0.03)
Germinated1 (1-2)0.25 (0.12-0.25)0.25 (0.25-0.5)
    Log2 of ratio1 (0-1)c1 (1-1)c3 (3-4)c
A. flavus (8)Nongerminated1 (0.5-1)0.12 (0.03-0.12)0.03 (0.03-0.06)
Germinated1 (1-1)0.5 (0.25-1)0.25 (0.12-0.25)
    Log2 of ratio0 (0-1)2 (2-3)c2.5 (2-3)c
  • a For comparisons of the MECs between echinocandins, P was <0.01 for all comparisons, with the exception of the MEC values of micafungin versus those of anidulafungin for germinated conidia.

  • b The ratio is expressed as the number of twofold drug dilutions (log2 of MEC for germinated conidia/MEC for nongerminated ratio).

  • c For comparisons of the MECs between nongerminated and germinated conidia, P was <0.01 for the comparison of the corresponding MEC values.