Summary of microbiological findings for seven VRSA cases

Case no.StateVRSA PFTaAssociated VRE (possible vanA donor)Evidence of Inc18-like van A plasmidCharacterization of VRSA vanA plasmidReference(s) or source
1MIUSA100E. faecalisYesNoS. aureus plasmid with Tn1546 insertion15, 35
2PAUSA100UnknownNot applicableNoUncharacterized29
3NYUSA800E. faeciumNoNoMaintained VRE vanA plasmid36
4MIUSA100E. faecalisYesYesMaintained VRE vanA plasmidThis work
5MIUSA100E. faecalisYesYesMaintained VRE vanA plasmidThis work
6MINot definedbE. faecalis or E. aviumYesNoProbable S. aureus plasmid with Tn1546 insertionThis work
7MIUSA100UnknownNot applicableYesUncharacterizedThis work
  • a PFT, pulsed-field type.

  • b The PFGE pattern is related to USA100, but it is outside of the 80% similarity range.