Impact of the MDR phenotype in P. aeruginosa on mortality, LOS, and hospital cost

Type of studySettingInfectionNo. of cases/no. of controlsParameterMain findingsSignificance (P value or 95% CI)Reference
Studies showing an impact of resistance
    Case-controlTertiary careNosocomial69/247MortalityOR,a 5.01.1-22.931
    Retrospective cohortTertiary careNosocomial44/68b,cMortalityCases, 54.5%; controls, 16.2%P < 0.0511
    Case-controlTertiary careBSI6/184b,cMortalityCases, 83.3%; controls, 36.4%P = 0.0334
    ProspectiveTertiary careNosocomial/98/103MortalityRR, 1.981.0-3.941
    ProspectiveTertiary careNosocomial86/212cMortalityRR, 1.601.2-2.1d85
    Retrospective matched cohortTertiary careNosocomial82/82b,c,eMortalityOR, 4.4P = 0.041
Retrospective cohort study showing no impact of resistanceTertiary careNoscomial18/35c,fMortalityCases, 22%; controls, 23%P > 0.0553
  • a OR, odds ratio.

  • b MDR was defined as resistance to four or more antibiotics.

  • c Studies with either matched controls or multivariate analysis, in order to minimize confounding.

  • d Not significant in multivariate analysis.

  • e Matched controls.

  • f MDR was defined as resistance to two or more antibiotics.