Variables exhibiting a univariate association with TMP-SMX resistance

VariableNo. of patients with a TMP-SMX-resistant uropathogen/total no. tested (%)P valueOdds ratio95% confidence interval
Variable absentVariable present
Asian10/93 (11)5/10 (50)0.0068.302.04-33.74
Black14/65 (22)1/38 (3)0.0280.100.01-0.78
International travela7/91 (8)8/12 (67)<0.00124.05.76-99.9
Travelb5/82 (6)10/20 (50)<0.00115.44.37-54.27
Travel distancecNAdNA<0.0015.532.62-11.66
Highest year of schoolNANA0.041.771.02-3.07
CGA8/91 (9)4/5 (80)0.00242.04.18-422.4
  • a International destinations included Japan, the Philippines, China, Bahamas, Caribbean, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.

  • b Out of state or country.

  • c 0, none; 1, out of state; 2, international.

  • d NA, not applicable.