Staphylococcus aureus strainsa

3130Oxr (ho) VmSClinical isolate, SCOPE surveillance study0.5>843
3130VROxs Vmr3130 passaged to Vmr320.5This study
3130V32Oxr (ho) Vmr3130 passaged to Vmr32>8This study
5827Oxr (ho) VmiClinical VISA isolate, Michigan, 19974>842
VP32Oxs Vmr5827 passaged to Vmr320.531
5827V32Oxr (ho) Vmr5827 passaged to Vmr32>8This study
5836Oxr (he) VmiClinical VISA isolate, New Jersey, 19978>842
5836VROxs Vmr5836 passaged to Vmr320.25This study
5836V32Oxr (ho) Vmr5836 passaged to Vmr32>8This study
450MHomoOxr (ho)RN450M (8325-4) passaged to homotypic oxacillin resistanceND>8This study
450MHomoexOxs450MHomo, SCCmec excisedND0.5This study
450MHomoΔmecAOxs Tcr450MHomo, mecA::tetMND0.5This study
3130V32ΔmecAOxs Tcr Vmr3130V32 mecA::tetM320.5This study
  • a Abbreviations: Ox, oxacillin; Vm, vancomycin; Tc, tetracycline; r, resistant; s, sensitive; i, intermediate; (ho), homotypic; (he), heterotypic; ND, not determined.