In vitro activities of voriconazole, isavuconazole, and fluconazole against Candida spp. by the CLSI M27-A2 procedurea

Species (no. of isolates)Voriconazole MICIsavuconazole activityFluconazole MIC
C. albicans (70)0.060.03<0.015-1<0.0150.03<0.015-2>16>160.03->16160.250.125->128
C. parapsilosis (84)0.06<0.015<0.015-0.50.03<0.015<0.015-0.1251640.03->1610.50.25-8
C. glabrata (37)10.125<0.015-210.25<0.015-2>16160.03->1632160.25-128
C. tropicalis (15)0.060.03<0.015-0.1250.06<0.015<0.015-0.125>16>162->1620.250.25-8
Other Candida spp. (7)<0.015-0.006<0.015-0.1250.003->160.25-2
C. krusei (5)0.125-0.250.125-0.250.5-416-64
Overall (21)0.1250.03<0.015-20.250.015<0.015-2>16160.03->16160.50.125->128
  • a Activities are given for the most clinically relevant species of Candida and overall. All values are expressed in micrograms per milliliter. For azoles and Candida, the MIC end point was defined as the lowest concentration at which a prominent decrease in turbidity, corresponding to approximately 50% inhibition of growth, was observed (MIC-2) after 48 h of incubation.