Odds ratio of transmission of RGNB to HCW gowns or gloves by type of care given to nursing home resident

Type of careNo. of interactionsCare given with other care (%)Transmission toa:
ORP valueORP value
Toilet assistance56802.460.010.760.83
Any device care or use86561.870.040.450.60
Physical exam95321.750.051.100.89
Transfer of resident168721.550.192.350.14
Diaper change145821.480.200.760.03
Dressing change86421.460.250.490.50
Dressing resident137911.370.372.270.25
Changing linens139421.260.410.250.23
Feeding23260.650.74No transmission
Any therapy1660.510.73No transmission
Any medications279190.29<0.01No transmission
Any medication alone22700.12<0.01No transmission
Feeding alone170No transmissionNo transmission
Glucose monitoring3678No transmissionNo transmission
  • a Odds of transmission divided by odds of transmission if that type of care was not given, calculated using GEE to account for the correlation of repeated measurements obtained from a given resident.