Final parameter values estimated by use of the modela

ParameterTypical valueb% RSEc95% CId
CL/F (liters · h−1)19.21.2918.4-20.0
V/F (liters)53.21.1651.1-54.3
ka (h−1)1.153.911.05-1.25
MTT (h)0.4243.820.400-0.459
No. of transit compartments (n)7.138.425.17-7.13
IIV (variances plus % CV)
    ηCL/F0.279 (52.8%)5.970.242-0.347
    ηV/F0.188 (43.4%)10.90.154-0.250
    ηka0.439 (66.3%)11.00.324-0.506
    ηMTT0.361 (60.1%)7.870.266-0.411
    ηn2.44 (156%)13.71.84-3.39
Covariance ηCL/F ∼ ηV/F (covariance and correlation)0.217 (0.947)7.450.186-0.267
IOV (variances plus % CV)
    κCL/F0.0508 (22.5%)10.90.0413-0.0724
    κMTT0.461 (67.9%)11.30.401-0.590
Residual variability
    Additive error (εadd [mg liter−1])0.09235.410.0790-0.103
    Proportional error (εccv)0.2222.890.207-0.238
  • a Assessed by nonparametric bootstrap method; n = 800 iterations. Runs without successful conclusion (“MINIMIZATION SUCCESSFUL”) were omitted from analysis (n = 52); 748 runs in total are included.

  • b Values in parentheses represent percentages of the total, with the exception of the value in parentheses for ηCL/F ∼ ηV/F.

  • c RSE, relative standard error.

  • d CI, confidence interval.