Effects of BM0 and BM2 on Pma1p and Na+,K+-ATPase kinetic propertiesa

StrainVmax (μmol/min/mg of protein)Km (mM) for ATPIC50 (μM)
Without ATPWith ATP
S. cerevisiae T481.2-1.31.4-2.0
    With BM0 (3 μM)0.621.92.52.5
    With BM2 (0.8 μM)0.733.30.50.5
C. albicans ATCC 102610.91-1.13.5-3.8
    With BM0 (20 μM)0.746.82222
    With BM2 (4 μM)0.497.52.32.3
C. glabrata CBS1380.221.8
    With BM2 (3 μM)
C. krusei B23992.63.5
    With BM2 (0.8 μM)
C. tropicalis IFO 06183.83.0
    With BM2 (0.5 μM)
C. neoformans ATCC 901120.200.66
    With BM2 (1.5 μM)0.090.651.01.3
Dog Na+, K+-ATPase
    With BM0NDNDND62
    With BM2NDNDND25
  • a All assays were conducted at pH 7.0. ND, not determined.