Molecular data for the representative collection of MRSA and MSSA strains used in this study

StrainYr of isolationCity, state, or countryReferenceaClonal typebspa typecMLST profilecSTSCCmec typedInvestigator source
E21251964Denmark 17 ArchaicYHFGFMBQBLO3-3-1-12-4-4-16247IH. Westh
E24531965Varde, Denmark 17 ArchaicYHFGFMBQBLO3-3-1-12-4-4-16247MSSAH. Westh
103951961Colindale, United Kingdom 15 ArchaicYHGFMBQBLO3-3-1-1-4-4-16250IJ. Hamilton-Miller
E2131957Denmark 15 ArchaicYHGFMBQBLO3-3-1-1-4-4-16250MSSAH. Westh
HPV1071992Portugal 66 IberianYHFGFMBQBLO3-3-1-12-4-4-16247IAITQB/RUe
PER341989Barcelona, Spain 21 IberianYHFGFMBQBLO3-3-1-1-4-4-16250IAITQB/RU
BK19531995New York, N.Y. 62 IberianYHFGFMBQBLO3-3-1-12-4-4-16247IAITQB/RU
HSJ2161997Portugal 4 BrazilianWGKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIAITQB/RU
HU251993Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 74 BrazilianXKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIAITQB/RU
PLN1041997Poland 40 BrazilianWGKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIAITQB/RU
CPS221985Portugal 18 PortugueseWGKAOM2-3-1-1-4-4-3239III variantITQB/RU
CPS681985Portugal 18 PortugueseWGKAOM2-3-1-1-4-4-3239III variantITQB/RU
ICP50111993Portugal 13 PortugueseWGKAOM2-3-1-1-4-4-3239III variantITQB/RU
HU1011996Kaposvar, Hungary 53 HungarianXKAOKAOKAOMQ2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIITQB/RU
HUSA3041993Dunaujvaros, Hungary 20 HungarianWGKAKAOKAOM2-3-1-1-4-4-3239IIIITQB/RU
TAW91998Taipei, Taiwan 1 HungarianWGKAOMK2-3-1-1-4-4-30241IIIITQB/RU
HDE2881996Lisbon, Portugal 65 PediatricTJMBDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IV-likeITQB/RU
HDE11992Lisbon, Portugal 65 PediatricTJMBDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IV-likeITQB/RU
BM181989New York, N.Y. 19 PediatricTJMBMDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IVITQB/RU
COB31996Bogota, Colombia 28 PediatricTMDMGK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IVITQB/RU
BK24641990New York, N.Y. 62 NY/JapanTJMBMDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IIITQB/RU
JP11997Tokyo, Japan 3 NY/JapanTJMBMDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IIITQB/RU
CN11996Connecticut 61 NY/JapanTMDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IIITQB/RU
E21041964Denmark 15 NY/JapanTJMBMDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105MSSAH. Westh
E30011964Denmark 15 NY/JapanTJMBMDMMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105MSSAH. Westh
N3151982Japan 39 TJMBMDMGMK1-4-1-4-12-1-105IIK. Hiramatsu
HAR241993United Kingdom 14 EMRSA-16WGKAKAOMQQQ2-2-2-2-3-3-236IIHarmony collection
E14101962Denmark 15 EMRSA-16WGKAKAOMQ2-2-2-2-6-3-230MSSAH. Westh
HAR221991United Kingdom 60 EMRSA-15TJEJNF2MNF2MOMOKR7-6-1-5-5-8-622IVHarmony collection
PLN491997Poland 40 BerlinXKAKBEMBKB10-14-8-6-10-3-245IVITQB/RU
CA04f1998United States 16 BerlinNDh10-14-8-6-10-3-245IVR. Daum
E38121969DenmarkA2AKBEMBKMBKB10-14-8-6-10-3-245MSSAH. Westh
MW2f1998North Dakota 6 UJJFKBPE1-1-1-1-1-1-11IVaNARSA collectiong
  • a Reference for the first molecular characterization of the strain.

  • b Clonal types were defined by ClaI polymorphisms of mecA and Tn554 and by PFGE patterns.

  • c spa types and MLST profiles for strains E2125, E2453, 10395, E213, HPV107, PER34, HDE288, BM18, COB3, BK2464, E2104, E3001, and E1410 were described previously (15), as were the spa types and MLST profiles for strains BK1953, HSJ216, HU25, JP1, and N315 (55); TAW9 (1); PLN49 (2); CA04 and E3812 (M. Chung et al., unpublished results); CPS22, CPS68, ICP5011, HU101, and HDE1 (M. I. Crisóstomo et al., unpublished results); the spa types for strains HUSA304 (53) and CN1 (Crisóstomo et al., unpublished results); and the MLST profiles for strains HUSA304 (Crisóstomo et al., unpublished results) and HAR22 and HAR24 (22).

  • d SCCmec types for strains E2125, HPV107, PER34, BK1953, HSJ216, HU25, HUSA304, HDE288, BM18, COB3, BK2464, JP1, and N315 were described previously (55), as were the SCCmec types for strains PLN49 (2), CA04 (16), and MW2 (6). Most strains of type IV determined by multiplex PCR (HDE288, HDE1, BM18, COB3, HAR22, and PLN49) had ccrAB allele 2; strains HDE288 and HDE1 had ccrAB allele 4. Strains HDE288 and HDE1 were originally assigned SCCmec type IV (55), but since both strains had ccrAB allele 4, their SCCmec types are now designated IV-like. Type III variant strains (CPS22 and ICP5011) had ccr4B allele 3; strain CPS68 was nontypeable for the ccrAB allele.

  • e ITQB/RU, Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica/Rockefeller University strain collection.

  • f Community-acquired MRSA strains.

  • g NARSA, Network on Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus.

  • h ND, not determined.