In vitro activities of cefdinir and doripenem, alone and in combination, against five M. abscessus strainsa

M. abscessus strainMIC (μg/ml) against M. abscessusMIC (μg/ml) of cefdinir/MIC (μg/ml) of doripenem against M. abscessus (FICI)
ATCC 199778–164–82–4/1–2 (0.5)
1N8–164–81–2/2–4 (0.62)
2N8–168–161–2/4–8 (0.62)
5N4–84–80.25–0.5/2–4 (0.56)
13N4–84–80.25–0.5/2–4 (0.56)
  • a MICs of cefdinir and doripenem and FICI values for the combination of cefdinir and doripenem are shown. ATCC 19977 is a reference M. abscessus strain, and 1N, 2N, 5N, and 13N are clinical isolates.