Baseline characteristics of 90 patients treated with oral metronidazole or oral vancomycin

CharacteristicaNo. and % of patientsP
Overall (n = 90)Metronidazole (n = 57)Vancomycin (n = 33)
Male sex8998.95698.333100.0
Preexisting VRE colonization5662.23968.41751.50.111
ICU admission during treatment1921.1712.31236.40.014
Proton pump inhibitor6167.84070.22163.60.522
Antibiotics within past mo8796.75698.33193.90.552
Concurrent antibioticsb910.047.0515.20.279
Fecal incontinence4853.33154.41751.50.792
Feeding tube1617.81017.5618.21.000
Diabetes mellitus3437.82238.61236.40.833
End-stage renal disease88.9712.313.00.250
Cerebrovascular accident2123.31424.6721.20.800
Surgery within 3 mo2022.21424.6618.20.602
Nursing home resident4651.12950.91751.50.953
Previous CDAD1415.523.51236.40.004
  • a The median interquartile ages in years (range) for all patients, patients receiving metronidazole, and patients receiving vancomycin were 73.5 (60 to 79), 75 (63 to 80), and 68 (59 to 77), respectively (P = 0.099). ICU, intensive care unit.

  • b Concurrent antibiotics refers to systemic antibiotics administered for another indication that were continued for more than 2 days after the diagnosis of CDAD. Specific concurrent antibiotics included piperacillin-tazobactam, ciprofloxacin, moxifloxacin, vancomycin (intravenous), and cefepime.