Summary of recent studies documenting the incidence of aminoglycoside resistance in clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa

Location, studyaYear(s)% of isolates resistant tob:Reference
Europe (all), SENTRY1997-19985.118.317.8139
North America (urinary), SENTRY19986.713.38.895
Asia-Pacific (all), SENTRY1997-19994.210.140
Canada (all), SENTRY1997-19992.25.840
Europe (all), SENTRY1997-199921.131.640
Latin America (all), SENTRY1997-199930.535.840
United States (all), SENTRY1997-19993.47.840
Asia-West Pacific (urinary), SENTRY1998-19998.524.517.9158
United Kingdom (all)19995.6 (36)c11.1 (43)c57
Belgium and Luxembourg (nosocomial)199910.523.519.5161
Asia-Pacific (all), SENTRY1997-20004.815.810.466
Europe (all), SENTRY1997-200013.728.324.266
Latin America (all), SENTRY1997-200026.838.234.566
North America (all), SENTRY1997-20004.615.87.866
Europe (ICU), MYSTIC1997-200038.944
Europe (blood), MYSTIC1997-200126.8160
Iran (burn)1998-199953.390.736
United States (nosocomial)1998-20014.7/3.7d14.7/16.7d67
Europe (urinary), ESGNIe200019.4 (4)f46 (23.8)f35.3 (14.3)f12
Latin America (urinary), SENTRY200051.557.654.541
Latin America (skin and soft tissue), SENTRY200036.246.643.1134
Latin America (blood), SENTRY200026.7133
North America (skin and soft tissue), SENTRY2000210.56.6122
North America (respiratory), SENTRY20006.319.29.859
France (blood)20002726
United Kingdom (CF patients)20004710.1115
Taiwan (all), TSAR200010302583
North America and Europe (blood)2000-200119/5.1/15.1/2.7/9.6/7.6g48.4/20.1/33.9/24.7/21.4/21.3g167
Latin America (all), SENTRY200134.650.44
United States (all), MYSTIC200117.89.1124
United States and Europe (skin and soft tissue), TSN20013.6/7.4/1.7/20.4/0.6h15.5/29.3/8.7/44.9/20.8h65
United States (blood) TSN—USA200222.869
North America (all), MYSTIC20028.46.9108
  • a The geographical region included in the indicated studies and the sites of infection of the isolates examined (in parentheses) are highlighted. MYSTIC, Meropenem Yearly Susceptibility Test Information Collection; SENTRY, SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program; TSAR, Taiwan Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance; ESGNI, European Study Group on Nosocomial Infections; TSN, The Surveillance Network.

  • b Resistance rates were taken directly from the indicated studies or were calculated accordingly when the studies indicated rates of susceptibility. AMI, amikacin; GEN, gentamicin; TOB, tobramycin.

  • c Rates in parentheses are for isolates from CF patients only.

  • d Rates are for non-ICU isolates/ICU isolates.

  • e The data shown are for a 1-day study.

  • f Rates in parentheses are for isolates from European Union countries only.

  • g Rates are for France/Germany/Italy/Spain/Canada/the United States.

  • h Rates are for the United States/France/Germany/Italy/Spain.