Composition and details of administration of each phage cocktail

Phage cocktailCocktail compositionRoute of administrationDuration of administrationTherapeutic dose
ΦPCAC4, C1P12, C2P21, C2P24Intracavitarya18 wks, beginning day 109NAb
ΦIVAB-Navy1, AB-Navy4, AB-Navy71, AB-Navy97Intravenous16 wks, beginning day 1115 × 109 PFU
ΦIVBAB-Navy71, AbTP3Φ1Intravenous2 wks, beginning day 2215 × 109 PFU
  • a Through percutaneous catheters draining the pseudocyst cavity, the gallbladder, and a third intra-abdominal cavity.

  • b NA, not applicable (used for intracavitary washes).