Distribution of the gyrA mutations in 48 OFL-resistant M. tuberculosis strains from Russia

Nucleotide change(s) (amino acid change[s]) in gyrAaNo. of strains with allele(s) among:
All strains (n = 48)Beijing genotype strains (n = 35)Non-Beijing genotype strains (n = 13)
88-TGC (G88C)11
90-GTG (A90V)77
94-GGC (D94G)13121
94-GCC (D94A)312
94-AAC (D94N)11
94-TAC (D94Y)743
None, 94-AAC (none, D94N)11
None, 94-GGC (none, D94G)22
None, 94-TAC (none, D94Y)11
None, 90-GTG, 94-GGC (none, A90V, D94G)11
None, 94-AAC, 94-GGC (none, D94N, D94G)22
None, 94-AAC, 94-TAC, 94-GGC (none, D94N, D94G, D94Y)11
  • a Numbers indicate codons. Mixed alleles were confirmed by resequencing of both DNA strands. Alleles listed as having no changes were wild-type alleles.