Strains used in this study

StrainCharacteristicSerotypePlace of isolationaYr of isolation
S. pneumoniae ATCC49619Quality control strain for MIC measurements
S. agalactiae ATCC BAA-611A genome project strainV
S. agalactiae ATCC 12403A genome project strainIII
S. agalactiae strain B1Clinical isolate (sputum)IIITokyo A1995
B6Clinical isolate (sputum)VIIIShizuoka A1997
B7Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIKanagawa A1997
B8Clinical isolate (sputum)VIKanagawa B1997
B10Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIToyama A1997
B12Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIToyama A1997
B40Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIToyama A1997
B60Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIKanagawa C1998
B68Clinical isolate (sputum)VIAkita A1998
B502Clinical isolate (sputum)VITochigi A2005
B503Clinical isolate (sputum)IbShizuoka B2005
B513Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIChiba A2005
B514Clinical isolate (sputum)VIKanagawa D2005
B516Clinical isolate (sputum)IIIKanagawa E2005
  • a The place of isolation is expressed anonymously by using the prefecture name and a letter.