Reversal of anti-influenza virus activities of T-705 and ribavirin by nucleic acids and nucleosides

Compound combined% of control activitya
Vehicle (alone)7.5 ± 10.96.8
Adenine106.3 ± 14.9b12.4
Guanine101.8 ± 12.7b76.3
Adenosine96.6 ± 10.8b91.1
Guanosine95.0 ± 18.3b70.2
Inosine104.4 ± 11.1b1.7
2′-Deoxyadenosine114.2 ± 2.3b73.4
2′-Deoxyguanosine95.3 ± 11.3b61.9
Cytosine12.5 ± 15.82.1
Thymine5.5 ± 8.17.1
Uracil8.6 ± 12.55.8
Hypoxanthine105.7 ± 9.8b0.0
Xanthine36.8 ± 57.614.1
Uric acid8.3 ± 12.15.0
  • a The number of plaques was counted and is given as a percentage of the number of plaques for the nontreated controls. Except for the concentrations of guanosine and 2′-deoxyguanosine, which were twice the IC50s of ribavirin, all nucleosides and nucleic acids were added at a 10-fold molarity of the IC50 of each compound. The values are means ± standard deviations for three (T-705) or two (ribavirin) independent experiments.

  • b Results significantly different from the results for the controls treated with T-705 alone by Dunnett's test (P < 0.01).